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The motherboard from Msi can support 2 graphics card I was just wondering about 2 points can it support a low level Nvidia with a high level ati chip, also will effeciency be good? Secondly the board only supports lga 1156 will it support am3 or any other sockets ?
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    The efficiency of HYDRA is slightly less efficient than standard Xfire and standard SLi for cards of the same type, and less efficient for mix-and-match ATI and Nvidia cards. The technology at the moment is very new.

    For Hydra, Sli, or Xfire, combining a high level card with a low level card is NOT recommended. Unless you're just using the low level card for physX or something, in that case you don't even need Hydra.

    If you don't have a hydra board, just get a x58 or x55 board, those can do either Xfire or SLi. If you have a hydra board, just get the same card of the same type, or get an Nvidia card and pair it with an ATI card of similar performance. (ie. GTX260 with a 4870)
  2. About a year ago, Lucid started making waves in the graphics space with claims of being able to revolutionize multi-GPU computing. It promised consumers the ability to add any graphics card, unrestricted by model or vendor, to an existing set up and achieve highly efficient load balancing with near linear performance increases. This option presumably provides consumers the flexibility to buy an ATI graphics card, install it next to an NVIDIA model on the same motherboard, and see a boost in graphics rendering performance close to the sum of both individual components.
  3. Everything I've seen about this is that it's not worth it. great concept, but currently not worth even looking at.
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