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Hey guys, I have an dell optiplex 755 (the 2nd smallest), with an intel core 2 duo e6300 and 4 gb ddr2 ram and gt440 2gb graphics card (overclocked and over volted). My chipset is q35 and i have no overclocking option in my bios so i used setfsb to overclock my core 2 duo 1.86 ghz @ 2.2 ghz with this pll CV184-2APAG, but after that my pc gets unstable. i dont overclock my pci express too much but i need overclock my cpu more but my ram gets unstable :fou: (i have also overvolted the cpu but its not the cpu, the ram gets unstabled). my ration of fsb:dram is 4:5, i want to decrease it, i want to overclock my cpu more with less overclock of ram, i dont have any option in my locked dell bios so i need a specific software for this or can i do smoething in setfsb's diagnosis tab to decrease the ratio :whistle: . Or is there any software to increase the multiplier so i can get of this. :D
please guys i need help, give good suggestions. :(
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  1. Is there any way to raise the RAM timings?
  2. i dont understand, what is ram timing? but i haven't seen this option any where :(,
    well u know that 1.8ghz to 2.2ghz is a less overclock of cpu so please help me to raise it more with less ram overclock or no ram overclock because it gets unstable :(
  3. If you can't adjust the FSB: DRAM ratio and you can't change timings, the only other option is the CPU multiplier. But I bet that's not adjustable either.

    Companies like Dell lock their motherboards down for a reason. If you want to get more performance, you either will have to buy a new motherboard or a new CPU. I'd suggest looking for a new motherboard. I picked up a BioStar mATX mobo for like $65 and it supports OCing.
  4. I can overclock through setfsb, it overclocks fsb, ram, pci express , agp etc.
    the only probem is that ram gets unstable while overclocking, i cant overclock cpu without overclocking ram, after some overclocking the ram gets unstable, the ram supports less overclocking compared to cpu and other things so i cant overclock other stuff because the pc crashes because of ram unstability so i want to change fsb : ram because it is 4:5 so i want to make it 4:1 or something like that so what do i do to change this ratio, any software or something, i cant change my motherboard so i can either change the ratio of fsb to dram or change cpu multiplier, please give me a suitable software for this :(
  5. That's what I'm saying... you can't. It's a Dell. They lock their BIOS.
  6. any software buddy :( please
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