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Hello All,

I've recently aquirred an hp xw6200 workstation as a spare machine. Though not the fastest box in the world, being a dual Xeon 3.2 (Irwindale cores) with 3GB RAM it runs Win7 adequate enough.

For a graphics card it has a Quadro FX 3500 with 256MB RAM. From what I can gather from various sites, this card seems to be the rough equal to the GeForce 7900 series. Would this be the best comparison?

I'm hoping to be able to run BF1943 and Dragon Age Origins on this box.
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  1. To sum my post up, Quadro cards are for 3D rendering and Geforce cards are for gaming.

    In terms of hardware the Quadro Fx 3500 dose seem similar to the 7900 series BUT the software is completly different. Gforce uses DX and Quadro uses OpenGL/CL. Using your Quadro could have a number of different results from giving you performance on par to a 7900 (Id say youd be lucky), to playable but with major artifacts, to the game not even starting. Since you already have the Quadro you can try it out, wont hirt anything, but im just saying right off the bat: dont expect very much.
  2. I purchased and installed Dragon Age Origins and it seems to run successfully on the FX 3500, though very low quality is required. This doesn't surprise me as the tech for this card is several years old.
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