Make RAID-0 bootable?

Here's my setup:

2 250GB SATA drives in a RAID-0 configuration (J:)
1 160 GB drive (C:)

I originally had XP Pro installed on C, and then added J, and did a fresh install there. C was kept in the machine to copy files from, and as extra storage. There is no OS installed on C, only on J. (It ended up as J because I have several partitions on the 160 gb drive, as well as two optical drives, and also have a card-reader device, and that uses up the drive letters D through I on my system.)

Now, C is dying.

I tried to unplug it, but the computer won't boot that way. It appears C is my boot drive.

I've tried going into the BIOS to set the boot drive to J, but the BIOS can't/won't find J
I've also checked the root of J, and there's no boot.ini, ntcheck or ntldr files present - they're all on C
The boot.ini file on C correctly points to the XP Pro install on J

What can I do in order to change J to bootable, and allow me to remove C?

I can't afford to build a new computer right now, or upgrade to Win7, much as I would like to.

Thanks for any help I can get on this!
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  1. follow the instructions here:

    FAQ: Switching Storage Controllers w/o Reinstalling Windows
  2. Not quite my situation, unfortunately.
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