How do I go about installing a port into a new computer?

I just purchased a new computer, but am unable to connect my old, reliable HP Deskjet 712C as there is no "pin"-type port on the back of the tower. I called and they sold me a new port to install, but I have absolutely NO IDEA how to go about this. I am aware of what to do with the CD (to install the driver, I think), but I need to put this hardware in to my unit. Help!
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  1. The HP deskjet 712C printer uses a parallel cable to connect to a parallel port on the computer. Modern computers do not have a parallel port. A USB cable is used to connect to the computer.

    The easy thing to do is to purchase a parallel port to USB port adapter cable. The parallel connection is connected to the printer. The USB connection is connected to a USB port on the rear i/o panel of the computer.

    Here is a link to a variety of parallel to USB adapter cables:
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    Well, that doesn't really tell us much. I'm going to have to make some assumptions here. I am going to assume it is a PCI or PCI-e 1x expansion card. Assuming that, follow these instructions. Do not force anything in case it's not what I think it is. Make sure you keep yourself grounded to prevent static shock to your system that could permanently damage components. Before you begin, shut down your computer and unplug it.

    1. Open the side of you case. You will see on the motherboard several expansion slots at the bottom. You can google expansion slot to see what they look like aswell as pci-e 1x slot and PCI slot. Remember to keep yourself grounded. If your case is metal, keeping contact with it should suffice.

    2. Look at the slots and figure out which one matches your expansion card. It will not be the pci-e 16x slot so make sure you don't put it in there (again google images)

    3. remove the metal slot perpendicular to the expansion slot. It is at the back of your case.

    4. Insert the expansion card accordingly with the metal and serial port (I'm assuming that's what it is based on your description) facing the back of your computer and all the metal pins going into the slot. Insert firmly but don't force it if it obviously doesn't fit.

    5. Plug the computer back in, boot up and do the cd thing. Though you will probably find a more up to date driver for the device on their website than on the CD.

    Good luck and let me know if that helps or if you have any questions or can provide us with more details. Good luck.
  3. enzo - Nuts! I didn't even think about an expansion card. :(
  4. enzo, your description is making sense to me; yes, I think I have purchased a serial port for my printer. I can't believe I was unaware that printers now hook up via usb port. I have had this printer forEVER, and it has never given me a bit of trouble. No sense replacing something that doesn't need to be replaced, you know?

    I have googled the images you recommended, and will attempt to install this tomorrow. Does the metal slot at the back of the case come out without special tools? I have access to very limited tools here.

    Thanks for all the help. I have never done this before, can you tell?
  5. The metal slots depend on the motherboard. It will be one of two:
    1. Unscrew with a regular phillips screwdriver and remove.
    2. It's a snapout and you have to actually bend the metal until it snaps out. Like those things in model kits.
  6. enzo matrix said:
    The metal slots depend on the motherboard. It will be one of two:
    1. Unscrew with a regular phillips screwdriver and remove.
    2. It's a snapout and you have to actually bend the metal until it snaps out. Like those things in model kits.

    Hi enzo,

    I've tried the suggestions you made to assist me with installing a pci parallel adapter card in my new inspiron computer. I beleive the card I have may NOT be the right card, is that possible? It seems the metal part that would be at the back of the case (that surrounds the pin port) is too wide to fit my computer. Can that be possible? The card itself does not line up with any of the interior ports AND the back of the unit at the same time. Also, that metal piece being too wide is a problem. Would it be best to just contact Dell and have the part returned?

    I appreicate your assistance on this issue. I do not want to run out and buy a new printer needlessly.

  7. Sounds like you may not have the expansion ports you need for that card. I can't really help any further though, as it would be too difficult. Unless I could actually see the ports, case and expansion card. Can you take any pictures?
  8. I think I may just send the adapter card back to the manufacturer and call it a day. I guess a new printer isn't the worst thing that could come of this, right?
  9. WAIT!

    Just get the parrallel port to USB port adapter cable I suggested in my previous post:

    That is an easy fix and costs a lot less than a new printer.
  10. ^thumbs up
  11. Thanks for all the help, guys. Husband and I discussed our options, and obtaining a new printer was a win-win-win for everyone here. My daughter now has the old HP 712C, which she has no connectivity problems with the old CPU we gave her. We got a new HP 8000 OJ for our new computer, and we actually LOVE it, for just over $100 with tax. This way, DD won't need to come to us to print any more, eliminating any opportunity she might have to kill another computer (she's killed at least 4 already over the years). Also, DH was getting antsy about not being able to print stuff for his online Statistics course, so we spent the money.

    Gotta tell you, though, this was a real learning experience for me. I am not any kind of a computer tech-type person, but clearly I now know WAY more than they do. It's good to be Queen! Thanks again for your help.

    Odessa Quilts
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