Just a quick question to all you lovely guys and gals out there, I'm going to a christmas party this saturday and was planning to take my old laptop, as it is at our explorer scout group hq it has no internet so, my question is do you reckon a pentium 3 512mb ram inspiron 2500 runing an nlited xp install is powerful enough for the 3g itself and to share the connecton over ethernet?

Many thanks,
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  1. I have seen guys run an aircard (3G) with similar machines and it seems to do ok. Maybe not the fastest handling IE8, but download speeds are good.

    as I can see it, your big IF will be does your nlited XP support the network functionality to share the connection?
  2. Hi thanks for your reply, yeah I think it will. Do you know of anything definitely need to leave in to set this up?

  3. I'm only passingly familiar with nlite, but I would think DHCP would be one. Do you currently have the option available? does it work?
  4. I tried it using ****xp and it worked fine so I think ill ake a legal copy of ****xp out of my own.
    Thanks for your help,
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