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Hey gang, I'm using Windows 7 on my netbook. The built-in WiFi card leaves something to be desired, so I also picked up a USB wifi card (it's an Alfa ASUS036h). The nice thing about this card is that it's got some serious power behind it, and unlike my built-in card, I can pick up my company's secured Wifi connection on all floors. I'm digging the card.

My question is this: Right now I'm using the Real Tek RTL8187 Wireless LAN Utility, instead of the default Windows 7 wireless network manager. Anyone have experience using both? I typically hate using 3rd party software for something like this, but I'm unsure if the Realtek manager gives me any additional functionality I'd lose with Windows' network manager.

Thanks for any input!
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  1. Try it and see.
    Thiugh I prefer to use manufacturer's own wireless utilities, they seem to use more memory than simply using Windows Zero Config so there may be a saving by switching.
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