I5 2500K overclocking problems

I am having problems overclocking my processor and would like any one's opinion about the matter.

Gigabyte z68XP-UD3
i5 2500K
8GB 1333MHZ ram
gigabyte odin GT 550W
ATI HD 7850

my problem is this:

Whenever i try to overclock the processor, i cannot do so without it saying "the sytem ecountered a problem because of overclocking or changing of the voltages" (something similar to that). If i overlock from 3.3-3.4, it WILL give me this error no matter what. i CANNOT change the voltage without encountering this error, UNLESS i set the voltage to "auto". If i set the voltage "auto" then i can change the multiplier to whatever i please and it will not give me this error message. HOWEVER, upon restarting the pc again, (this could be days later, or hours later)- but upon the NEXT restart, the PC will have reverted to its original voltage and frequency settings, suggesting that it was infact NOT stable at the prevoius settings, even though it did not give me error messages.

WEIRd thing is, if I set the voltage manually, and simply pretend not to see the error messages when restarting after overlcocking, the computer will run PRIME95 and other stress tests perfectly for the required time.

EXAMPLE: i set voltage to 1.32 and frequency to 4.5GHZ and was given the error message, but then ran prime for and hour and a half with no problems and another stress test too. was called burner or something. HOWEVER, upon the NEXT restart of my pc, the settings have reverted again to default.

the ONLY way i can force my PC to remember what i have set the frequency and voltage to is if I enable "turbo-core" and individually overclock each core to 4.5, and leave the overall multiplier at 3.3. i then manually set the voltage to 1.32, and im given error message upon restart, but then stress tests are fine and settings are saved upon next restart.

Now i wouldnt really care but, i experiencing STUTTERING problems in quite a few games. if the fps drops below 60, many games stutter and appear much worse than the FPS suggests. in WoW ill have 50fps but it will look like 20. in skyrim its simply unplayable.

Note: dont think its cmos battery cause it remembers all other settings i change, just not frq and volt.

any opinions and help would be greatly appreciated!

thank you :)
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  1. I started to go through your mobo manual to see what terms they use for your power settings in BIOS (I got distracted though). Only thing I can think of off hand, one or more of your auto power settings has not been disabled.
    Im just guessing, could be something else, a screenshot of CPU-Z might help here.
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