SSD instead of HDD with recent quantum price in HDD

Dear Community:

Hey and thanks for your time.

My question is simple: Why the hell did almost all HDD just take over 100% increase in prices?

I found my answer in the apparent flood in Thailand. That really sucks.

I was going to go with a Western Digital 7200RPM for $70 last week, but now for $150? No Thanks.

Should I just grab a $150 SSD instead? I have been reading tom's reviews on SSD as well as others. I am worried about the long term reliability of the drives. As they are a new technology, chipsets, etc have had many issues.

SSD loading speed sounds great, but I prefer reliability more.

I would appreciate any reply grreatly.
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  1. I stated this on my HDD (completely different thread question).

    And on one Note after Reading WD Business Update.

    I am a citizen of the United States. I can only surmise the bulk of WD and Seagate market are in United States, Europe, and Japan.

    With the United States having the largest economy in the world, I can only assume we are their largest market. (also the name "western" )

    Another American based company with an American CEO (John Coyne), who has taken the majority of its factories and jobs to other countries such as Thailand and India. Taking their jobs overseas, their taxes overseas, and Americans money into their coffers.

    So will I support Poor Western Digital as their factories in Thailand are flooded? Will I support WD as another greedy wall street corporation that has taken advantage of the American Market and contributed to the current economic problems?

    NO THANKS MR COYNE. For all I care, you can go swimming!
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