Will the A8V-X support AM3 Sempron LE 140

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In laymans terms please as I am new to building computers and trying to learn. I have an A8V-X board and I'm wondering if the AM3 Sempron LE 140 is compatible with this board?

I also had another board too (ALiveNF7G-FullHD) on which the CPU housing cracked and therefore the CPU can't make a solid connection with the contacts. I can't find the paperwork for where I bought it and because I've got so many motherboards laying about, I can't really remember (stupid I know) so therefore can't get it replaced under warranty - first of all, is there anyway I can repair the housing or is that just not heard of?

Also, why doesn't the AMD CPU from that Motherboard fit the other one, it looks like it fits but when I try and pop it in it just doesn't fit right. The CPU in the ALive board is an AMD Athlon 64 x2. Which is written in the specs of the A8V-X as being compatible???

If the AMD sockets are supposed to fit all AMD CPU's (which I don't know if that's the case or not) why doesn't that one fit my A8V-X?

Sorry, probably a really stupid question but I'm having trouble learning about CPU's, there's so many of them. I'm trying to understand if it's a pin layout problem or if it's the number of pins that's the problem or what and none of the spec sheets give me a definite answer.

Thanks for any help you can give me and sorry if it's really stupid questions. :(
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  1. Its Because The A8V-X Is A Socket 939 Board, All Newer Sockets (AM2, AM2+ And AM3 Are 940 Pins)

    The First Generation Dual-Core Athlon 64s (Athlon 64 X2s) Were Socket 939, All Later Models Are 940

    AM2 Chips Will Work In Socket AM2+ But AM3 Chips Will Only Work In Socket AM3 Or AM2+ Sockets

    Socket 939 (And The Original Socket 754) Are DDR, AM2 And AM2+ Are DDR2, AM3 Is DDR2 And DDR3
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