Buy just before xmas or in January sales????

i am buying from either dino pc, meshcomputers or pc specialist, and my build comes to around £1000-1100, and i was wondering if i should buy just before xmas like week before or so, or wait til january sales because i am not sure if it will be much cheaper :S, pleasee help
thank you :D
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  1. I would say that if you see an item you're buying on sale between now and then, buy it while the deal is good. If not, wait. Prices are going to change every day, so you just need to decide on a threshold on each item (i.e. I won't buy it if it's this high, and I won't wait if this low). Just make a plan and stick to it. And if they price match for a certain of days after, make sure to watch it. If they don't, click the purchase button and never look'll just make yourself sick.
  2. I live in the USA so I don't know if my comments would apply to your circumstances.

    The Holiday sales usually start near the end of November and continue through the end of January. During that period there are several special holiday promotions. In January most retailers are trying to sell either left over holiday items or excess inventory in preparation for an annual 100% inventory and financial audit. The left over items and excess items are usually ittems that did not sell well.

    You have to do a little research and know the regular prices so you can readily identify a true bargain. If you find a bargain then by all means make the purchase because during the next phase of the holiday promotion the item may no longer be on sale. That has happened to me twice. I simply waited too long hoping prices would drop further.

    I have another problem. I have a list of pc components that I want to purchase for a special project. So far none of the items have been offered at discounted prices. I may be in for a very long wait! :(
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