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Will a faster CPU increase my Internet speed?
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  1. Overall, no. The biggest factor is your connection. What CPU do you have exactly?
  2. i have a p4
  3. No. Not at all. The only thing it could increase is the speed of the programs, such as your browser (firefox, internet explorer etc.) that access the internet. The main thing is your internet connection because your internet experience is based mainly on the speed of the connection. In other words, the speed in which your computer can communicate with your internet service provider.

    If you would like to change your question, we can help you tackle any problems you might be experiencing but we will need information on your computer setup and internet setup.
  4. runswindows95 said:
    Overall, no. The biggest factor is your connection. What CPU do you have exactly?

    i have a p4 with XP Pro. Do you think Windows 7 will help?
  5. 88GT said:
    i have a p4 with XP Pro. Do you think Windows 7 will help?

    We've said it before and we'll say it again. The only thing affecting your internet speed is... well your internet speed. Nothing to do with your computer. The slowest part of the connection will be of that from your home to your ISP. But if you can tell us the exact problem perhaps we can help further.
  6. A cpu in will not increase your net speed. What is your problem with the net exactly? You should be getting the speeds you're paying for from your isp. Well at least the speeds that other users of the same isp/tier are getting.

    Depending on how much ram you have in the system, upgrading the ram could make everything feel more snappy. For example my office machine was running xp with 256mb of ram with 2.8p4. I tossed in a stick of 512mb ram I had at home and now all is good on it. While before it was just awful.
  7. Ok Thanks. I have a "high speed" connection. I was hoping to speed it up.
  8. i have 2 gb of ram.
  9. That really does not help. You'll need to give us more information including your router, the company that is your ISP and possibly your setup if you can. Someone with knowledge about that specific company might be able to help. You still have not shed any light on exactly what your problem is?

    The ram should be more than sufficient.
  10. Yea... kinda... to a point... @OP...
    I have a core 2 t2450 @2ghz, 2gb ram and gma950 all in a dell laptop... my internet speed is nowhere you could call fast, but i find myself lagging/freezing for a bit when i have just 5 chrome tabs and itunes open... lagging as in system lag not network lag
  11. I have no problem that i know of. I just want it faster. I used a library computer the other day and it seemed instant where as mine kind of drags its ass.
    I am on Mountain cable in Hamilton with a direct connection.
  12. Library's probably got more bandwidth. You want to find out how many MB/s or KB/s you're getting and see what upgrades your ISP can offer you.
  13. In fact, to find what actual speed your ISP is giving, go to and post your results here. Remember to check the settings on the website because the unit you want is MB/s and not Mb/s(default).
  14. Wow I'm kind of surprised at that. My friends all live on the mountain and have mountaincable and I'm stuck below with bell sympatico. They're all getting good speeds. Which library?

    Another test I've found good is

    I get 1.58 MBits/sec down and 668Kbits/sec up. Bell high speed.
  15. The results i got were:
    6.84 Mb/s & .84 MB/s download
    .48 Mb/s & .o6 MB/s upload.
    ping 16 ms
  16. For I get 2.61 mb/s down and 0.67 mb/s up. ping 51ms. See why I envy mountaincable? What does the library get?
  17. The library is the Terryberry Branch 100 Mohawk Road West.
    I have no idea of their speed.
  18. The library may have a 100Mb/s or 1000Mb/s connection being a public space with multiple computers on the same connection.
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