AMD Overdrive huge Misreads

Hi, so im trying to over volt my Gigabyte Radeon HD 6870 Super O/C (with the normal OC bios :( )... but msi afterburner wont lemme touch the voltages, so i though hey! i have overdrive

well... it dosent show my graphics card in the monitor, and i looked at the log, and it was claming a 50C cpu tem (when it was low 30's)

it couldnt detect half the voltages (3.3V was 0.03)

is this normal for Overdrive?
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  1. Overdrive won't affect Gpu settings unless they've added that feature since I used it,
    Axtu is better than overdrivel anyway,
    Have you tried Gpu-tweak or Rivatuner for gfx instead?
  2. ^riva tuner was a no go for me, but i'll try gpu-tweak and report back :P
  3. gpu-tweak dosent allow for over volting in my case (or at all perhaps?) but does work

    well... i've noticed another problem, msi afterburner isnt noticing any change i make in the CFG, not the unlocked voltage or the unofficial overclocking
  4. I can't investigate further atm,, on the mobile at work, but I'll see what I can find in the morning for you
  5. :( installed the msi afterburner beta, and it gives me a modules are missing or incomplete error
  6. I'm surprised none of the gfx savvy guys have posted,
    I'm out of ideas here man sorry, if I find anything better I'll post back though
  7. i can overvolt using afterburner you just have to unlock the sliders. its somewhere in options, mainly to protect n00bs from nuking their GPUs.
  8. its unlocked in the settings and the the CFG, but it dosent seem responsive to the cfg... i have unofficial overclocking and the ELUA entered but its not active
  9. dunno if this would apply to my system but im reading about this 20% power slider on CCC, but thats nowhere to be seen on my copy... does this perhaps mean im outta luck?
  10. Use the BETA of AB>
  11. your ccc is uptodate I assume?
    Amd vision control centre (as its now apparently named)
    click on the performance tab then overdrive, its give the stats and sliders page, I have to scroll down to get the power slider, but it is there,
    remember to set and apply it for each card if you have multiple gfx cards
  12. this is what i see, and i can't use the beta afterburner because its out of date :P
  13. Click the tickbox that says graphics overdrive, see if the powerslider comes available,
    and in preferences, make sure its set to advanced
  14. same thing, its set to advanced

    D: should really look at whats on my task bar before i go print screening lol
  15. Try gigabytes Oc Guru,
    not one I've seen before but it may be the solution you want
  16. it only works with the super overclock cards, and i have the overclock versions bios, and even when i used it, the over voltage wouldnt work

    but i sent in a ticket to gigabyte (primarily coz im looking into a waterblock) so hopefully i may get a bios outta them, but i highly doubt it
  17. -.- went into RBE, acquired the BIOS, and it configured RivaTuner for me, now i can adjust the fan speed and monitor the card with it lol
  18. Can't you find the Super bios anywhere online?
    I hope the ticket yields a good result for you man, keep us posted :)
  19. gah, well it seems this card hates BIOS adjustments, safe mode it is

    and the techpowerup VGA bios collection has the normal and OC bioses, and gigabyte only has em listed for the overclock edition

    well, time for atiflash and the o/c bios i guess
  20. Best of luck man, sorry I couldn't be of more help
  21. its alright, linux mint is working good so im installing wine now... atleast i can work around it that way without working DOS

    also, i remember when i was trying different bios images, i found that they would work until i installed the display driver, found that a little weird
  22. ok, well my card dosent react well to any voltage changes, but ive noticed its going through everything else problem free, which makes me wonder if its a driver issue
  23. Possibly, are there any whispers on the net about it being a known G.Byte issue?
  24. ugh, wouldnt it be nice if everything just worked? lol

    from what ive seen googling, there isn't very good support from em, and oc guru dosent even work very well
  25. this is the most info i can get on my card's compatibility in one place
  26. Hmm, not very helpful really, it echoes what I asked lol, hopefully in time more folks will post and a solution/ final answer will become apparent.
    for now though it looks like its not happening :(
  27. tried a reference bios, created instability, well, i guess im outta luck for the time being, thanks for your help Moto
  28. Best answer
    No probs man, sorry we couldn't get the result you were after man,
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  30. Thank you for B.a. man
  31. i really wish gigabyte would speed up their customer support
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