Thermaltake V9 Black Edition

I am looking at getting this case as I have seen some of the reviews on youtube etc and it seems to be highly regarded.

It has a total of 4 fans (2x 230mm top and side fans and x2 120mm? fans front and rear) apparently these are all really quiet. However, together would they make much noise? should I buy a fan conrtoller? I would like it to be a quietish PC

I would love to beable to connect them to the motherboard to controll them buy I doubt I can do that.

Would you consider this case to be an overkill?

Give my your thoughts/experience
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  1. The thermaltake V9 is a good case.

    In addition to the 4 case fans, the cpu heatsink, the video card, and the power supply will each have a fan. That will be a total of 7 fans running and there will be some noise.

    Normally the the cpu heatsink fan is the only fan controlled by the system. A motherboard will have several case fan power connections. The system will not be able to control them. The number of case fan power connections on a motherboard vary. To control the case fans you will need to purchase and install a fan controller.
  2. The V9 is a good case, but in some times can be a little noisy.
  3. I just received this case yesterday and am fairly disappointed. The deal was pretty sweet on NewEgg, I think my final price was around $65(U.S.).
    It is part of my first build in 10 years. It might just be that quality has taken a complete nose dive in the last decade, but the materials used to make this thing are cheap. The metal is thin and the plastic is brittle.

    I broke the first locking device, for an optical drive. Turned the knob to unlock and the brittle plastic just gave way. The fans appear to be made out of similar cheap plastic.
    The knock outs for the PCI-E and PCI cards are punch outs. Once they are out, they are out for good. No replaceable tabs.
    Knocking out the tab for the motherboard bent the metal above and below the tab. Had to hammer it back into workable order.

    Yeah, the whole thing is just cheaply made.
    Overall, even at $65 I felt like I had been ripped off.

    The V9 is so bad, it has me seriously thinking about doing a complete gut and swap with my old Dell E310 case.
    Kicking myself for giving away an old heavy duty generic case. Should have just dremeled it into a something cool and breezy.

    I am sure once I have this computer built and no longer have to touch or work with the V9, I will be less ticked off about this purchase. But it has definitely killed some of the New-Build-Joy I had. Major buyer's remorse. Was a last second change, tried to save a little money, biting me in the ass.
  4. Was that the black edition or the standard V9?
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    hamiac said:
    Was that the black edition or the standard V9?

    Mine is the black edition.

    I might just be being overly harsh. The struggles with the back plate had me irked. Now that I have cooled a little and have gone back to piecing it together, it doesn't seem as bad. Still, I wouldn't recommend it unless you can get it for a steal. At the $75 to $100 price point, there has to be better options.
  6. Hmmm, that sucks, the review on youtube looked really promising.

    I am looking at some coolermaster case at the moment, someof which seem really nice and are reported to be stong. Ill do some more looking then
  7. Take a look of this options.

    1- Antec Three Hundred Illusion
    2- Cooler Master HAF 922
    3- Antec Nine Hundred Two

    The 2st is more cheap, but is a very good case. The 2nd and 3th are a little more expensive, but also, very good cases.
  8. After a lot of looking through the one site I want to buy all my stuff from (due to me being in new zealand, you can never get what you want) I found this case

    Basicly I just wanted a good(ish) quality case with a top mounted fan and for it to look nice. And this does the job just fine. Will probably get some more fans and maybe a controller for it too.
  9. ^What it's the price of that case?
  10. About $130 New Zealand, I was impressed. All the reviews on newegg were 4 and 5 too!
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