Should i use my other power supply

ok my current power that is powering my system is a 250w with
12V is 14A
5v is 25A
3.3V is 18A

5V and 3.3V is 165w Max
5V and 12V is 218w Max

but i have another power supply that i havent really looked at.
so i just looked at it and its a 300w with:

12v is 15A
5v is 20A
3.3v is 18A

5v and 3.3v is 160w Max

my system is:
Nvidia 9400GT 1GB
3GB DDR3 @800MHZ (1GB +2GBstick)
Micro atx Mobo
Amd Athlon X2 2.3ghz
80mm case fan

which is a better power supply for my system?
the 250w can run my system but if i use the 300w instead will there be any difference in performance?
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  1. You will see no difference between the two PSU's. If the 250 gets the job done, I see no reason to switch it out with the 300, since neither gives you the power to upgrade your system and it won't effect/increase performance by switching.
  2. Power has absolutely nothing to do with performance. If you have enough power it will work. If you don't your computer will shut down as soon as it tries to draw more power than the power supply can supply.
  3. Do you mean increased performance while playing a game? There should be no difference in performance during a gaming session as long as the power supply is capable of delivering the required power to the system.

    There is a decrease in performance when a power supply cannot deliver the required power. For example the screen might wobble, then stutter, and finally freeze. The power supply might shut off if there is an overlaod or temperatures get too hot. In a worst case scenario it may blow and fry other components.
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