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I'm planning on my first build, after Christmas, and I'm keeping my budget really low, I've managed to find a great build to suit my needs when using the computer. But with a low budget comes aa few drawbacks, my main one is the operating system, and harddrive, I've got a few hard drives laying around the house, that have windows 7 pre installed. I was wondering, instead of spending 70 quid, on a new system which I've already got could I just take a old hard-drive and use that? But that brings me onto my next problem, my biggest hard drive is from a laptop, is there a device out there where I can get a 2.5" hard drive into a desktop tower, and would it work?

Thanks, sorry for my lack of knowledge as well! Still leanring!
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  1. There are adapters and rail kits that allow a 2.5" HDD to be installed in a desktop, however, the preinstalled windows most likely will not work due to the differences in motherboards and other hardware. The current install of windows won't have the necessary drivers. Although this can sometime be fixed with a repair install, it's best to do a clean install.
  2. If the copies of Windows that you have on your existing hard drives are OEM versions, then it will violate the license if you use them in a different system. It's only the retail versions which permit reactivation of the license on different hardware.
  3. Looks like its best to go clean install! Thanks guys!
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