I5- 750, low minimum framerates?

While reading this i couldnt help but notice the minimum frame rates being a good 25% lower then a i3 530/661...

Any ideas as to why this is? clock rate would be the first guess, but a 25% difference for just 0.3-0.6ghz? Anyone know as to why?
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  1. Can you link me to the article? I think I need this in context.
  2. just 2 or more FPS,May increse with 25% clock!
  3. Anands thing on h55/h57 mobos:
  4. Aneesh, im not talking bout average FPS, look at the minimum FPS on the left, after the component type
  5. The dual core i5 has revised design based on the i5-750 and the more efficient 32nm architecture.

    Hence, it knocks down i5 in apps/games that do not take the advantage of the 3rd and 4th core.

    However, more and more apps/games are designed to fully utilize quad core CPUs and therefore you will expect 750 to take down the dual core i5 in most cases in the near future.

    In addition, the minimum fps does not worry me at all, because what I really care is the average fps.

    By the way, i5-750 leads in more CPU demanding game titles according to the article you linked.

  6. Yea i had noticed that as well andy, just struck me as odd, because i thought FC2 that liked more cores... or maybe hyperthreading does work pretty well
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    Don't worry about your 750.

    750 is better in all the gaming benchmarks in the link below including WOW which only utilize two cores.

    It might be just that FC2 is better with i5-661.

    BTW, some games are better with E8600 than with i7. However, it doesn't mean that E8600 is superior than i7, doesn't it?
  8. That is true, you have a good point there, just like how you get games that look better on the 360/ps3 then a 2000$ super rig... just cause games are made for that specific setup, not millions of different possiblities like on PC...

    "your 750" lmao just read article and thought it as odd, i actually only got a dell 6400 with IGP...
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