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Intel Bringing TRIM Support To RAID0 With RST 11.5

Intel Bringing TRIM Support To RAID0 With RST 11.5

Exciting news for anyone currently using their new SSD in RAID0! Intel will finally be bringing TRIM support. Currently the only way for TRIM to function on an SSD is to operate in AHCI mode. This means that drives in high-performance arrays such as RAID0 lose the NAND cleaning benefits which could decrease speeds as time goes on or as the drives fill up. Intel has stated that current RST versions don't yet support TRIM, but it will be unveiling it with RST 11.5.

Going through the release statement for Intel's RST 11.5 Alpha release, some readers were quick to catch on to the following line.

So it appears that TRIM will finally be coming to RAID0 and hopefully to other forums of RAID down the road as well.

I thought the RAID people would like to read this : )
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    About time! That will resolve a conflict for quite a few people.
  2. I only wonder how long it will take to the other players.
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