I have a DVI monitor does radeon hd 5770 work

I have hd 5770 radeon and it says hd compatible monitor required.My monitor xerox 19 widescreen and has dvi output.Can i use my card on it ??
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  1. Yes the 5770 will work with your monitor via DVI.
  2. Ty very much some people say iwont work but i found this answer: One of the most important features included with the HDMI standard is the ability for it to be used with DVI connectors. Through the use of an adapter cable, an HDMI plug can be attached to a DVI monitor port for the video signal. This is a very useful feature for those that do purchase a system with an HDMI compliant video output but their television or computer monitor only has a DVI input. It should be noted that this only uses the video portion of the HDMI cable so no audio can be used with it. In addition, while a monitor with a DVI connector can connect to a HDMI graphics port on the computer, a HDMI monitor cannot connect to a DVI graphics port on the computer.
  3. One more question if it will play Warld of Warcraft on max settings or its too weak ???Or should i change it on something else.Thanks in advance.
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    World of Warcraft should not be a problem for hd 5770 at all.
  5. Ty very much for fast reply.
  6. I have a 5770 it eats up WOW like candy.
    It eats up all games except Crysis. I get like 34 fps DX10 or 40fps DX9 all maxed no AA. And thats with a low end dual E5300 non oc.
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