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Can any highend P 55 mobo of lga 1156 socket support both ati and nvidia graphics card together like the Hydra 200 from msi ?
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  1. Together? like ati and nvidia cards together? With hacked drivers, yea you can use the geforce card as a dedicated physx card, but if your trying to... well CF/SLI them no, thats not possible unless you get the fusion big bang from msi... which scales extremely poorly cross brand anyway...
  2. I dont get it can I stick one xfx 9800 gt and another hd5670 on a highend mobo p55
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    Yea.... but dont expect them to work together in CF/sli mode... only... yea... only if the 5670 is the main gfx card and the 9800 is just a dedicated physx card will it work..
  4. thanx, but lastly if I get msi p55 gd45 which has 2 pci slots, and add both these cards,
    bots bandwiths are roughly 60gbps, so will they add up,also 1 is a dx 11 card and the other of nvidia dx10 so will dx 11 games run?and do hacked drivers work well ?
  5. You are seriously better off just getting ONE radeon 5850... not a mixture of a 5670 and 9800
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