I have a Biostar TZ77B motherboard and an Intel i3 2120. I just installed an aftermarket heatsink last night and was roaming through the BIOS for the CPU fan setting.

Biostar had the following options; Aggressive, Quiet and Manual.
It's automatically selected on Manual with parameters that pretty much have the heatsink going full blast and it sounds like a jet. I switched the BIOS to the "quiet" option and it kept the CPU fan at it's lower setting. I played BF3 to test it out and temperatures peaked at 51 degrees Celsius and the fan never kicked into it's higher setting (idles around 30-35 celsius).

My two questions are:
1. Does anyone know what the "quiet" and "aggressive" parameters are? I want to keep it on quiet but I'm worried about any heat issues.
2. The manual setting has 4 parameters you can set (see below), can anyone recommend where I should set them instead of using their presets?

Fan Ctrl OFF(℃)
When CPU temperature is lower than this value, the CPU fan will keep lowest RPM.
Options: 10 (℃) (default)

Fan Ctrl On(℃)
When CPU temperature is higher than this value, the CPU fan controller will turn on.
Options: 20 (℃) (Default)

Fan Ctrl Start Value
This item sets CPU FAN Start Speed Value.
Options: 50 (Default)

Fan Ctrl Sensitive
The bigger the numeral is, the higher the FAN speed is.
Options: 30 (Default)

Thank you for your help.
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  1. i doubt quiet will cause your system to overheat unless you have a really dinky cooler

    my phenom II with the stock cooler (which is smaller that the 2120's) which pulls more power was fine on silent... you should be okay
  2. since i have the same exact mobo and cpu, normally i should know most about this, but i didnt buy an aftermarket cooler for my cpu, since an i3 should take heavy blows unless i really wanted to push it.
  3. I used the stock for a while and my temps were getting up to the 70's (normally idling around 40ish and stayed in the 60's while gaming). So even on the quiet mode with this new fan I've dropped the temp 10-20 degrees so I guess that's fine. I'd just rather suffer through the noise if it really improves the longevity (with it on high my temps drop maybe another 10 during stress).

    Edit: i should probably link the new CPU fan http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233081

  4. by the time your chip dies it will be long outdated anyways
  5. Haha thanks for pouring salt in the wound of my low PC budget!
  6. not to be rude :P its just even at 70-80 degrees tops, the chip will last long enough to outlast whatever it can run
  7. I know, very good point. Thanks!
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