Can ZIF and LIF connect the same flat cable?


I would like to change my MK1214GAH hard drive for a SSD. But I am confused with the LIF/ZIF.

I read that the MK1214GAH has a LIF connector

And I also read that some people managed to connect a ZIF SSD instead of the MK1214GAH.

So my question is, are ZIF and LIF just 2 ways of connecting the same flat hard drive cable?

Thank you for your help and your answers!

Best regards,

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  1. "ZIF" stands for "Zero Insertion Force", and "LIF" stands for "Low Insertion Force". They're both talking about the same kind of ATA connector. The idea is that there's a locking mechanism that clamps down on the contacts to give a good electrical connection, but that mechanism can be released to make it easy to insert or remove the cable.

    So the short answer is: yes - they both work with the same cable.
  2. Thank you sminlal!
  3. iceman_zen said:
    Thank you sminlal!

    Which SSD did you replace MK1214GAH with iceman? I am planning to replace MK1214GAH in my TZ37GN with a SSD but unable to find a compatible SSD.
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