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So as we all know christmas is comming, and i need a new LCD monitor, i'd look on newegg but i have come to distrust newegg a little as they dont show items that are out of stock or discontinued

Anyway, im looking for a monitor with a 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 resolution, preferrably glossy(colors do look MUCH better), my pick before was the Hp w2408h which was 1920x1080 and glossy, but i think there might be some better monitors out there

I dont care for its size, as long as the images are orgasmic, all is good.
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  1. I'd try a dell UltraSharp U2410 ($530) it's got a wide gamut; or a Planar PX2611 26" also with a wide gamut.

    Neither is glossy, but it's hard to find good glossy displays. The Dell is MVA and the Planar is IPS if you know what those are. If not google it.
  2. The Planar PX2611w is definitely a good monitor, however it is also expensive at $800.

    I use it as a secondary display.
  3. whoa 800$ x.x, i cant go that high, probably highest i can go it 300
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