PS2 Keyboard Works In XP But Not In BIOS

I have a Dell Dimension 8400. I am trying to add a new SATA drive for addition disk space. When I enter the BIOS (F2 from the keyboard), two things happen. First, the monitor says it cannot display. I turn the monitor off and back on, and I can see the BIOS screen. Second, and most importantly, the keyboard does not work. This is the same keyboard I'm typing on right now. The Num Lock light is solid green, but the keyboard does not respond. I have tried another keyboard with no success.

Any thoughts on how to get the keyboard to work in the BIOS so I can get the new drive installed or any other approaches?

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  1. If you have a usb keyboard, this setting may be disabled by default in your bios. You may have to borrow a ps2 keyboard to change the bios setting. If the keyboard is working with windows xp on the same board, then the problem may be something else. I use the "del" key to enter my bios. You can also try moving the cmos jumper over one position with the system off, and return it to the original position. Or simply remove the board battery for about one minute, and reinstall to reset the bios settings. If your keyboard is wireless, then the driver for it doesn't work until xp loads.
  2. It's a PS/2 keyboard, and I have tried another PS/2 keyboard with the same results. I'm also wondering if the problem is related to the video card and not the keyboard. Perhaps the video error I see before turning the monitor on and off is the real culprit?
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