Computer broke down, help finding broken parts?

Hi! last night while using my comp which is placed next to my desk, my cat knocked over a glass of water and it fell STRAIGHT into the top of my HAF 932 (where the top fan is, i noticed my monitor stuck on a frame), i quickly unplugged the power cord, and opened up my comp, cleaned what i could from it with soft tissues and left it overnight to dry, today I tried plugging the power cable back in after no sign of water, The evga classifed heartbeat was beating, and random blue lights turned on, I thought it was safe to try to fully start up my comp, as soon as i pressed the power button, i saw smoke coming out from the back of my computer(where the powersupply is), i removed the powercord again.

I'm not sure if only the powersupply fried or if all the components did(how can i check?), I'm not too good with computer components and i dont really know how to check them out, I checked my monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset and they are all working fine on my laptop.

Thanks.. Please dont make me hate my cat :(
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  1. I would also like to add, my power supply is at the bottom back of my case, and that water went through MoBo + everything else in the comp(except maybe the CD-rom)..
  2. You need to find out what was smoking. You will have to pull it apart and look/smell to find out what is obviously damaged. You probably didnt let it dry long enough. The PSU probably had pooled water in the bottom.

    BTW, put the case up on the desk where it belongs or dont allow drinks in the room. ;)
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