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I asked a question about this before and would like to ask again about recovering data from my external hard drive. It is a 320GB western digital my book which just stoped working one day. It hadn't been knocked, it just died. Now the disk does spin up and sounds healthy. The disk appears in the bios and the device manager as well as the safely remove hardware option in windows but it doesn't show up i my computer. I was unable to assign a drive letter to the disk as it was uninitialized and I couldn't initialize it due to an I/O device error. I have tried various free data recovery softwares but although many could see the drive they couldn't read it.

I had someone look at it remotely and they said they could see the drive but that it couldn't be "accessed at the sector level" and that I would need to send the disk to a professional data recovery company so they could use a Hardware Imager to retrive the data on the disk.

I have asked some companies for quotes but it is very expensive. I would pay if I could but I am out of work at the moment. I am an artist and all my work is on that drive and without it I am lost.

Is there anything else I can do to get my data off the HD? I think the issue is a logical one rather and physical.

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  1. I just hooked the HD up to friends Mac and the drives comes up on there but I still can't access the files. It says that the drive is unformatted. I tried to create an image of the disk here but got an input/output error.
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