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hey guys

My brother has an i7 920 system from hp.He uses a mushkin psu 800w and he had a 8800gts 512 mb card for graphics and a 9800gt 512 mb for physics.He now just bought a bfg gtx 275, so he took out the 8800gts.He cleaned all the drivers then did a fresh install.But now he can't get picture on his monitor.He did try the gtx 275 alone, it worked and the 9800gt alone and it worked too.So i think it could be his psu that doesn't have enough power,what do you guys think?
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  1. 800watts should be enough. But then again if the PSU has a weak +12 volt rail it is possible and both cards work by them selfs.
  2. I thought so too this is his psu.

    Do you think it needs to have a second monitor connected to the 9800gt so it can get a picture?
  3. 64A @ 800w is very good and perfectly acceptable and the quality of the unit seems to be pretty good so I am going to say that I am not certain that it is a PSU problem, though I wouldn't rule it out.
  4. That PSU should be enough with 64amps total on the +12 volt rails try swapping around connectors. I don't have a clue how physics work.
  5. Maybe it's time to check other things like bios settings, install latest drivers, etc.
  6. I found the problem.The way I had to set it up for him was to put the gtx 275 on the top pci-e and the 9800 gt on the bottom.Also the dvi input for the monitor had to be on the left side in order to work.That is just weird but it worked.
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