VIA VT6421 RAID Controller this is not about not being able to boot

dont just write this off i know this card can be booted from in my BIOS and the bios of my other test rig and i know how to set it up. this thread is not about tht

long story short i was trying toboot a Blue and White Mac G3 by installing MacOS8 on a emulator sicnei wouldent read the disk then writing the image to a hard drive and sticking it in, it didnt work even tho it worked in my Power Macintosh 6214CD go figure.

well after booting my computer back up after removing hte hard drive suddenly the message that told me what drives were attached and that i could press a key combo to accsess the builtin bios raid setup thing has been replaced with:
HardWare initilization failed hardware not found
Bios not found press <g> to continue with the boot

somthing like that i might take a picture if you feel its nessesary. the card is still picked up in windows 7 64bit but no drives are detected as attached (disk management console doesnt show anything either) and when connecting to my Windows XP test rig it bsods right after the XP logo shows up even tho the error isnt shown.

so either i'd like a workaround to reset the card to factory defaults (or a bios flash) i couldent find anything on this everythign is flooded with 'i cant get my computer to boot off this card must be the bios' topics that go nowhere with what i need.
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  1. i ultimatly found a solution to this problem when i was able to find the BIOS image and flasher on Rosewill's website. :sleep:
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