What is The Best Graphics/Video Card for My PC..?

My Computer specs and other info.

I'm thinking about buying this video card --->

what video card do you recommend ?? and can you please tell me how many watt power I have
sorry for asking you to go to different links ..thank you
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    The video card you want to buy (HD 6670) details from your link: "System RequirementsMinimum of a 400 Watt power supply".

    Looks like you have a max. power of 300W and 216W in the 12V line,and a generic psu. So i supose you may have to change the psu, and try to get one of real 500W to run it safe.

    I dont know what video card recommend to you now because i have problems chosen one for me :P
  2. Like i said, you have 18A and you will need 33Amper current or high in the 12V line for that gpu.

    Read this , there is the explication:

    "To figure out how many amps you need on the 12 volt rail use this formula (watts / 12 = amps) so if the card requires 650 watts simply divide 650 by 12. This formula only works for 12 volt for different voltages there are different dividers. "

    Sorry if i make a mistake.
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