40ft usb extension cable

Would it work if I want to connect my mouse to it? Would there be any considerable lag at all? Does the quality of the cable matter? Lastly, where is the cheapest place I can purchase one.

Would a cat5 ethernet connection be better for the usb extension? I'm talking about something like:
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  1. Normally USB 2.0 has a distance limit of 17.5ft. You have to go with the CAT-6 extension. At the Best Buy I work at we don't even sell CAT-5 anymore. It is all CAT-6. Even the 350' "crimp your own" kit is CAT-6. So you can get an extender like what you have linked and a 50' CAT-6 cable then you should be good as gold.
  2. Do you guys think I'll have any mouse lag with this method?
  3. DJRWolf said:
    It is all CAT-6. Even the 350' "crimp your own" kit is CAT-6.

    And a good thing too. USB 2.0 has a max transfer of 480 MBits/sec. CAT-5 is good for 100 Mbits/sec.

    Mouse lag? Let's see - about 4 msec through each adapter and 2 msec through the cable ... no, kidding. :D

    If it works, you will need expensive, lab grade equipment to measure any lag present.
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