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Hi Everyone,
I have been having a major issue that I was hoping someone might be able to help me with.
I have a custom built computer that periodically crashes on me giving me blue screens of death and after too many (a few weeks of these) it will inevitably crash completely and on power on leaves me with the post message "Detecting arrays...".
This is the third time it has happened to me, and I have been unable to solve the problem permanently.
First here are the relevant specs:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
Nvidia Nforce 790i Ultra
Nvidia Geforce GTX 280
4 GB OCZ Platinum Reaper ram
500W Corsair power supply
Two harddrives in RAID

My temporary solution has been to reset the CMOS and disconnect the SATA cables. Only then does it allow me to get into BIOS, at which point I reconfigure the settings there, power off, reconnect SATA cables, and on bootup it magically discovers the harddrives and goes into windows just fine.
I am wondering if there might be a hardware problem, maybe with the drives? But how could this be if it boots up fine after a bit of tinkering?
Another note: When I am gaming (which is quite often =) ) it tends to crash most often giving me BODs/// But this is not always the case, sometimes its just on desktop with normal apps running and bam.
Looking forward to your feedback =)
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  1. Maybe a motherboard BIOS update would help.
  2. Motherboard maker and part number?
  3. Where might I find the part number?
  4. If you dont know who the manufacturer is or what model you can download a program called "everest : home edition" that will give yo all sorts of info on the guts of your machine.

    If your machine is an HP or Compaq or Dell, etc or other brand name then there should be a model number on the back.
  5. It's not a prebuilt system, built it myself. The manufacturer is EVGA for the mobo, but I can't use the Everest program because the computer won't boot past the "Detecting Arrays" screen.
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    LOL, ya, sorry I forgot. Duh.
    Well, crack the case and and get the model off the motherboard drirectly I guess. Or look up your receipts.
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