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[SOLVED]Crucial M4 64GB SSD has only 6.41GB left Windows 7Pro

Hello, I recently finished building my first gaming computer (yay!). Everything works fine except one thing. I installed Windows 7Professional on my 64GB Crucial M4 SSD and my SSD is almost full already. It's showing as 6.41GB of free space out of 59.5GB . From my understanding, Windows 7 can take up to 20GB. The only program I installed is McAfee Total Protection and I also installed some drivers. Does anyone know why my SSD is almost full? Is there anything I might be missing? I'm totally new with SSDs.
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    Yeah Windows 7 SP1 took about 20 GB on my SSD (after tweaks) - you might have a huge pagefile that is taking space... How much RAM do you have ? Take a look at the sticky post on this forum section there are some good tweaks you can do to maximize available space. Usually the more RAM you have the bigger the pagefile gets and with plenty of RAM you can easily disable the pagefile.

    This link from sticky post is very useful for tweaking / optimizing your SSD :*-Windows-7-Ultimate-Tweaks-Utilities-*&p=442158&viewfull=1#post442158
  2. Hurthan suggestion is probably spot on,

    if not consider using a program to locate where the space is being used

    My personnal favorite is TreeSize view

    CCleaner is also a good option to cleanup some "optional" files (such as temporary files, or files downloaded by windows update that are no longer needed)
  3. I have 24GB of RAM. Thanks Hurthan! I turned off the pagefile and it freed about 23GB of space on my SSD! I have two Velociraptors in RAID0 as storage so I used those for the pagefile instead. I have more than 1TB on those so I should be fine with space there. Thanks for your help!
  4. Be sure you have hibernate turned off - the hibernate file will take up a bunch. I have a 8GB machine and the hibernate file was using 5GB.
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