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Help choosing loop ($150ish)

Going to try my hands on a DIY loop for my next build. My budget is about $150 for the loop (can be upped but I need a really good reason to push this build back any farther), I know this will get me nothing fancy but should still get me a decent setup. Originally looking at the h100 but found out about the rasa's, now I want to get some opinions. Needs to work with a NZXT Switch 810 case, shouldn't be a problem since this thing is HUGE but figured I'd at least mention what case I will be using. Also, better to run a pull system or a push? all suggestions welcome, different kits, custom build list, etc... Looking at the XSPC RS360 right now, anyone have any good experiences with it?

Also I am planning on doing UV lighting in this build, going to repaint the dimm/pci slots with green uv paint, and want to have a UV green loop. Better to get UV green hoses or use a UV coolant and clear hoses?
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  1. realistically you could build a cpu loop for about $250 total with the ability to upgrade later without replacing parts please do not use UV dye in your loop there could be issues with such things building up in the blocks. colored tubing or painted i have done both with no problems
  2. ok thank you for the dye info, I guess I'll be going with UV hoses. what would you suggest for the $250 limit you had in mind? I plan on adding a second 670 in sli in the future (probably as an xmas present to myself) so please keep that in mind as well because I'm not sure if that will change the budget or not.
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    Shopping Cart
    Item Options Unit Price Qty. In Stock Cost
    XSPC RayStorm CPU Water Block (Intel) - LGA 2011 Compatible [remove]
    • Choose your fittings : No Fittings $49.99
    Swiftech MCP655-B 12v DC Watercooling Pump w/Tach Sensor [remove]
    Swiftech MCR320-QP Quiet Power 3X120mm Radiator - Matte Black [remove]
    • Choose your fittings : No Fittings $46.99
    Tygon 2375 3/8in. ID 1/2in. OD Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing # AJK00027 [remove]
    Bitspower G 1/4in. True Brass Fitting for 3/8in. Tubing #BP-TBWP-C02 [remove]
    Arctic Cooling Arctic F8 80x25mm PWM High Performance Case Fan [remove]
    Blue Fan Adapter - 80 to 120mm [remove]

    Subtotal: $215.41
    Total: $215.41

    this would be a good start, and to add the GPU simply add another 360 rad to the loop as well and so on and so forth.

    this is only meant to be a guide not a must be this way sort of thing, feel free to change out parts and fittings as you see fit to your likening, and add anything that you would like as well to the loop
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  5. thanks for the BA man
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