OC'ing a 3570k Ivy-bridge

I've just gotten my new rig which consists of:

i5 3570k
MSI Z77A-G45
Corsair Vengeance Low Profile kit (2x4gb - 1600mhz)
Thermalright HR-02 Macho
OCZ Agility 3 SSD 128gb
2x 1TB Seagate Barracuda storage drives (7200rpm 32mb cache)
XFX Radeon 6850 (bit dated, plan to upgrade soon)
be quiet pure power 430w CM L8

I'm running a BitFenix Shinobi case with 2 front panel fans, 1 bot as PWM
Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPRO PLPS, 120x120x25mm, 600-1500rpm, 40-100m³/h, 8-24dB(A)
top fan being a: Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentFan XK1, 140x140x25mm, 800rpm, 60m³/h, 12dB(A)
rear fan: Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPRO PL-1, 120x120x25mm, 900rpm, 68m³/h, 11dB(A)

All in all the system should be running at pretty decent temps with stock setup. (Haven't actually put it together yet, still at work. :()

Though as I do want to OC to at least 4ghz, preferably even 4.2-4.5ghz I was wondering if anyone's had experiences with a similiar system setup and could give a bit of an insight on what I should watch out for, may be noteable that last I OC'd anything has been a good 5 years ago on my old duo core E8500 which I managed to run at 3.8 stable for good 3 years before I got rid of it..
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  1. I got a I5 3570K 3.4ghz overclocked to 4.2ghz with bios autotune, 2 clicks of the mouse and it's done. I got 5 120mm fans running in a Corsair 400 case, temp of cpu went up from 30C to 35C, no problems that I can see. The speed increase was quite apparent, real happy with the CPU, board and fan, never overclocked before.
  2. Hi wootwootitsatube,

    Congratulations on your new parts, I'm sure you will have a great time building it! (I know I would)

    Here is a great comprehensive guide by Tom's Hardware about overclocking.


    Good luck and happy tinkering,

  3. keeping a voltage low will extend your cpu life, keeping the case cooler as much as you can. Then it will last long about 5 years or probably more.
  4. what about taking the lid off, i wonder because i too am about to build a ivy bridge and then try some OC, i have read here and there but really is it that dangerous?
  5. well, if you people are afraid about overclocking the ivy cpu's better to overclock with stock voltage and easy to get 4.2ghz and may be 4.3ghz, the cpu will be last long about 12-15 years. This INTEL ENTHUSIAST advice.
  6. You can OC 3570k easy to 4.5 ghz at 1.24v

    Im getting 35-40 on idle and when i run prime95 i get 60-70

    So you should be good!

    Edit: I noticed your using stock cooler, i highly advise getting an aftermarket if you want to Overclock!
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