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Hi. I recently bought a Zonet 802.11n Wireless PCI adaptor for my computer, installed it, and began testing it out. I had previously been sharing the internet connection with a netbook, and expected better performance with a pci card. According to, my performance with the card is better in all areas, and the internet in general seems to run faster. However, when I went to play battlefield heroes I noticed that I had serious lag on almost every server. This never happened before when I was sharing the connection with the netbook. Does anyone know why?
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  1. When you were previously sharing the connection w/ the netbook, which was the host (i.e., connected to the modem), your desktop or the netbook? And for each, wired or wireless?
  2. The netbook was wirelessly connected to the modem, and I bridged the connection with an ethernet cord that ran between the two computers.
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