Overclocking i7 2600k @ 4.5 need help please

I'm using i7 2600k
GA-Z68AP-D3 Gigabyte Motherboard
H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
Nvidia 560Ti
16gb Gskill 1600 1.5v memory

This is my first time Overclocking ever!. I read many guides and watched many videos but I'm still kinda iffy. So today I decided to go ahead and just try it. I want to run it at 4.6 but trying out 4.5 first. With the settings below, I run Prime95 and it blue screens right away. I didn't change anything but just the CPU clock ratio and disabled Cpu features from Advanced CPU core features. I didn't mess with the memory or vcore because I have no idea wtf I'm doing. Can someone please help me!!!

I did want to mention, Without changing anything but just the cpu clock ratio to 4.0, I ran prime95 and it ran fine for a while...

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  1. It sounds like Auto isn't giving it enough voltage, but that's a rarity, lol. Auto usually WAY overshoots on voltage. Anyway, for 4.5, try a manual Vcore of 1.300V and see how that goes. You can go up or down from there, based on stability testing.
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