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I'm planning to upgrade my system with 16 GB of 1866 mhz Kingston HyperX RAM, another GTX 560 Ti 2 GB from MSI, and a 1000 Watt power supply most likely either Corsair or an XFX. As of right now, my Core i5 2500k is at 4.5 GHz, and my GPU is at 1000 mhz core clock, 2000 mhz shader clock, and 2200 mhz memory clock. If I install a water cooling solution with the water blocks for the GPUs, is it worth the money to install a water cooling system?
Also, is it worth OCing an SLI setup?
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  1. It depends on your airflow in your case - I had no issues with temps in my Silverstone RV02 since the cooling setup since it's ridiculously efficient (ran tri-SLI and temps never breached 70-75). That said, you should still see a good drop in temps if you switch to water and build the loop properly. With your loop, you'll need a few good rads to get good cooling with those OCs.

    What are you running now? Instead of throwing over $400 into unnecessary RAM (assuming you're running 8GB, which is plenty), a second dying generation GPU, and a $200+ power supply, spend that $400 on a GTX 670. You'll get much better gaming performance than SLI 560Tis (OCed it'll match a 680), and it only needs a ~500W PSU (maybe a little more with the OCing). IMHO your money is much better spent there, and it's not wasteful.
  2. I'm not overly impressed with my SLI 560 Ti's, especially when I paid ~$215/each for them. They are good cards, but under-performing for the price range compared to when I paid about the same for my GTX 260's when they were current-gen.
  3. What has been nice about the GTX X60 cards is that theyve always OCed pretty well. The 460 could surpass a 470, and crush a 480 in SLI; same with the 560Tis. Have you tried pushing your cards at all?

    You'll surely notice a difference in ArmA II - used to run on ~medium settings with my 560Ti, but I can run on full now with a 670. Metro 2033 also looks fantastic since I can use all of the DX 11 features at ultra settings. I've been getting a lot of frame teari lately and I'm not sure why.
  4. I haven't messed with clocking them much. I've been able to set them to ULTRA settings on BF3 if I disable the motion blur. Otherwise, it does hitch and tear a lot with everything set to the default ULTRA.
  5. Well the MSI Hawk I had was clocked to 950MHz (basically at 570 performance here), and could do 1000MHz pretty easily (though on the single 560Ti, it didn't make much of a difference). It may help with your motion blur issue.
  6. I've considered it...I haven't played much since 2x bonus weekend a few weeks ago, but this weekend (June16-17) supposedly is 2x bonus again.
  7. I'm currently running 8 GB of RAM at 1333 MHz. So if I just upgrade to a GTX 670 instead of SLI of a GTX 560 Ti, I would save money and see a dramatic improvement. A reason for watercooling, though I'm seeing temps of around 39 C at 4.5 Ghz, 65 C at full load, and the GPU is running around 40 C idle and 54 C on load at current OC rating. Do you think water cooling is a good option at this point?
  8. Those temps are fine if that's the only basis for watercooling.
  9. 8GB RAM is plenty. Unless you're running tons of VMs or codes, I wouldn't recommend burning another $50+ on RAM that won't be used (I was trying to come up with things to use the extra RAM when school stopped).

    65C is plenty healthy for a GPU - I'd only consider WCing if you're running in the 80C range, since most chips have a thermal ceiling of about 100C depending on the model.

    You could pursue it with the 670 - you'd need less rad space than if you were WCing 2 GPUs and CPU, and one less block. It's entirely optional, and your call. I just put my new 670 under water, though I'm not up and running again.
  10. If I did get a rad, CPU block, and WC the 670, then would i need just a dual rad?
  11. Agreed; 8gb RAM is plenty, while I say that and currently run 16gb, but only because I RMA'd one set, ordered a new one and kept both.
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    wmpjoe2 said:
    If I did get a rad, CPU block, and WC the 670, then would i need just a dual rad?

    I'd imagine an OCed 2500K isn't putting out too much heat over it's stock TDP (95W), and tack that on to the 170W TDP of the GTX 670 and you're looking at about 300W of dissipation, which a good 2x120 rad and some strong (and probably noisy) fans could handle.

    A good 360 and some quieter fans would be my personal route (which is sort of what I have right now), since I've used some noisy fans and it wasn't pleasant in such a small room.

    Agreed; 8gb RAM is plenty, while I say that and currently run 16gb, but only because I RMA'd one set, ordered a new one and kept both.

    I bought my second 8GB kit when it was on super sale or something (I bought the standard G.Skill set that was always on sale at the time), and it helped out with my coding. Eventually you just end up with a bunch of the stuff ;)
  13. I usually run a lot of distributed computing with BOINC and run batches of video encoding using Handbrake which doesn't necessarily need the extra 8gb, but it wasn't really worth it to sell when it was pretty cheap ($50 for each 8gb kit).
  14. that's one reason why i wanted to go with WC, noise from the fans are driving me nuts
    so you'd say a 360 should do the trick? i am able to put 7 120 mm fans and 1 200 mm fan, i have 6 120 mm fans installed and 1 200 mm, im just tired of the noise
  15. Fan noise depends on the selected fans used based on the FPI for the radiators in question. My radiator fans can be very loud if I crank them all the way up, so it really depends on several factors.
  16. can you use pwm fans in a radiator?
  17. You could if you wanted to, though the system doesn't respond as quickly since there's water involved. You're better off with a fan controller or just over-estimating the amount of heat you need to dissipate.

    The XSPC RX rads are very good low FPI rads, as well as the EX series.
  18. sounds good, would using fans with a WC system have any cooling benefits? example is using fans to blow air onto the HDD? or would that cause dust issues
  19. wmpjoe2 said:
    sounds good, would using fans with a WC system have any cooling benefits? example is using fans to blow air onto the HDD? or would that cause dust issues

    You'll still need fans to cool other components even with watercooling.
  20. I think I got my answer, thanks everyone. I'll go with the GTX 670 w/ WC. Never messed with water cooling, and would like to learn how to build one.
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  22. If those MSI's are Hawk's or Lightning models, ya can shoot for 1070-ish OC's. If Twin Frozr's I'd say you are getting about as much as you can outta them already. The 2500k will go to 4.8 - 5.0 Ghz if ya managed to get a good chip with a good air cooler (Thermalright Silver Arrow, Phanteks, DH-14). Since SB gets no benefit from water cooling, and your cards, unless the Lighning or Hawk models, don't have a beefy enough VRM for much more OC'ing, I don't see water cooling doing anything for you.

    It's almost ironic that coolers like [the Thermalright Silver Arrow] are becoming available just as processors transition to designs that may ultimately render them unnecessary; even overclocked to 5GHz, an Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K doesn't need anywhere near this level of cooling.

    And an 850 watt PSU (Seasonic X series, Corsaier HX series, XFX Core Edition) will be more than enough.
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