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Ok I have a noon question lol I have a rampage 3 motherboard and I'm getting two plextor DVD blu Ray drives there both sata drives how do I hook them up? To the mother board? And how do I do power to them I'm old school this is the first time I'm gonna be using sata drives so a little confused on how they would be hooked up. Thanks oh ya and how many ports would I have to use if it's gonna be hooked to the mother board in a rampage 3 board thanks
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  1. Your motherboard has 7 SATA II & 2 SATA III (which you don't need) slots.

    You need to connect each DVD drive to the motherboard by a SATA II cable coming from the back of the DVD to an empty SATA II slot on the motherboard.

    Your power supply should have SATA power connectors (thin connectors) that plug into the back of the DVD drive.

    Check out my step-by-step guide, which will give you some more insight...
  2. Oh ok cool thank you very much for the info
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