Another Asus vs Gigabyte

Was just wondering if anyone has experience or an opinion on either of these boards:

I'm not seeing a reason for the ASUS board costing so much more although admittedly I haven't delved too far into it. Due to past experiences I favor Gigabyte products but if the Asus if offering something special I will consider it.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Are these the motherboards you are comparing?


    The ASUS has a few more features that the Gigabyte board doesn't:
    1) E-Sata connector on the I/O Panel
    2) An PCI-e x4 slot
    3) Higher supported memory

    Doesn't like the Gigabyte board
    1) Doesn't have a SATA II slots, which you can still run all of your SATA II devices on SATA III slots.

    If you are buying from Newegg, I would get the ASUS, since it is a little better board currently at the same price
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