Fx 60 dual core 2.6

how does it rate against the newer cpu's? it plays the games ok,but would i see a big differance if i upgraded?

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  1. depends on your other system components and which cpu you are considering upgrading to. If you overclock it to 3GHz it would probably match the athlon IIx2 240
  2. For most games, an upgrade to an Athlon II X4 630 will suffice if you are not using a monster graphics card system (ATI 5870, Crossfire, SLI); and will yield a nice performance boost.
  3. thanks for the replies.

    I am using a 260 gtx vid card. sata hd. but only 4 gig mem.
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    the Athlon 630 will go nicely with those specs. 4GB of memory is respectable, you don't really need more..
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  6. Hey there - still running FX-60 also, with 2g OCZ with great timing. Swapped 2 8800gt's for a single BFG 260 OC [216 stream - not sure if I regret it, but the 260 gives better gameplay and much smoother. cant tell about physx] - playing COD MW2 max, dragonage max, crysis mostly maxed. [at 1920x1080 res]. 3dmark06 is aound 10500-11000, depending if I overclock it, but rarely do. It was bottlenecked with 2 8800gt's SLI'd which is why I went back to single.

    Built a 720be for my folks with a 4850 - havent gamed on it, but it hits a 3dmark 06 of like 17k.

    My brother just got one of the HP's with a 630 athlon II in it - will know how it works soon.

    Ive debated upgrading for a very long time, but the system is very stable, plays everthing I want at max except crysis, and runs protools without any problems. Kinda in that...if it aint broke, dont fix it stage.

    Oh ya, XP pro 32 bit.
  7. The Athlon II X3 is not that expensive, and will be some nice upgrade from the FX-60. It'll let you get the most out of your 260.
  8. to upgrade he has to replace his cpu/mobo/ram

    the FX60 is S939, it is the best processor that socket has

    though you should see a bit of a performance gain, not huge but it would give you a newer system that can be upgraded
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