Compaq A900 Memory Upgrade Trouble

Hello, my name is Tom. I just heard from crucial that the Compaq Presario A900 tops out at 2GB of memory. Can anyone confirm this? I can't find anything that says otherwise.
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  1. I ordered 2 (2GB) sticks from them that said they were compatible. However upon installation (which in the past.....for me anyway.....has been a very easy install) my notebook will not boot. I get the blue screen of death. I just called Crucial and now they tell me my notebooks max memoty is 2GB.

    Any info on this would be awesome. THanks!
  2. Yes, that's true. I have been trying to downgrade my A916NR to XP all week and I found a lot of info about it, while trying to harvest XP drivers for the $#%! Vista machine.
    It definitely tops at 2GB.

    From the specs on Compaq (HP) website it says "Memory: Up to 2GB DDR2". They don't bother telling you the speed. Its a very high level "Spec" view.
    The link is

    Here, they at least give you the speed. From the (Downloadable) User Manual it states:
    2 customer-accessible/upgradable memory module slots
    Supports dual-channel memory
    Supports up to 2 GB of system RAM
    PC2-5300, 667-MHz, DDR2

    It is good to know what would happen if I over-upgaded the memory. But, there really is no solution to your problem, unfortunately. The vendor should, however, exchange the memory for you.
    I just ran across your post looking for XP Driver Support so I'll probably not be back here to followup. Good luck.
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