How should I overclock this to get 3.2ghz?

Good morning. I am a relatively new OC'er, and I had a few questions for you experts. I am trying to push off a full upgrade overhaul because I simply dont have the money during the summer months and not sure I will in the months after either.

My rig is as follows:

Motherboard: GA-Z68X-UD3-B3
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 2.4ghz (currently overclocked to 2.67)
Nvidia GTX 460 (768 memory)
8 gig DDR2 PC-2 6400 RAM
Western Digital BLACK 7200 RPM HDD(I think)

Last night I swapped out an E6600 dual core for the quad core, along with an MSI motherboard / 6 gig ddr2 ram that went with it. I've noticed an SLIGHT improvement in some areas, while others I notice delays. I tried overclocking straight to 3.2 ghz but the machine didnt even post. I then took some notes, and overclocked it to 2.67, but when I try to go any higher by changing the cpu frequency it still stays at 2.67. I've read that this Q6600 is supposed to be insanely OC'able but I do not see it. I have overclocked my E6600 to 2.9GHZ with ease, this is a bit more difficult.

Three questions for you, which will lead into more:
1. If I provided enough cooling to the rig, will overclocking reduce the lifespan of the componants? If so, by how much?
2. Is there a cap on how high CPUs can be overclocked?
3. How would I go about getting every ounce out of this rig, safely, keeping temps below 65 degrees at load, while not really reducing the lifespan a whole lot. (need to know what cpu frequency, cpu voltage, memory SPD, etc...). Any and all tips you can provide are greatly appreciated.
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  1. I actually just took a look at the sticky. very helpful. Although other insight would be appreciated. An answer to the question whether or not OC'ing, even with proper cooling to keep it at nice temps,would reduce the lifespan of a cpu would be appreciated :)
  2. 1. If properly cooled the q6600 can be overclocked to at least 3.8Ghz as far as I can go anyway
    2. There is not an average number
    3. As for the temps unless you are trying to keep this pc for the next 5 years going up to 72 on full load is fine overtime it might cause damage but not likely
    I've been playing games on my Q6600 at 3.8 for over a year and it was overclocked to this level by the previous owner as well with no side effects.
  3. I'm kinda confused, you have a LGA 775 Processor and a LGA 1155 mobo.. me thinks you have the wrong mobo code :P
  4. perhaps meant to write x48 that is what I thought despite having ddr2
  5. Edit: GA-EP45-UD3p mobo. The Z68X was the box my bro gave it to me in haha.
  6. @spentshells: Mind if I ask what settings you changed to achieve 3.8? Or better yet, I do not want to go that high. I might want to go to 3.2 or 3.3. Any advice on what to change to what to achieve this? Read the sticky, going to read it more tonight. Just want to see what has worked for people with the same cpu.
  7. It is most likely your mobo. I had a nice asus that happily clocked my Q6600 to 3.4. My son then "posted" some coins through the 5.25" drive bay onto the MOBO while powered (pop). I replaced it with a similar Gigabyte board (not an enthusiast model) and can now only reach 2.9 stable.

    I am guessing that spentshells has a much better mobo in his. Also are you using an intel retial cooler or what? I had an arctic freezer pro 2 for my 3.4 air OC. A retail cooler is no joy.

    What is the VID on your CPU?
  8. Yeah looking at the pic on gigabyte website looks like you have 3 voltage regulators on that MOBO. I have 4 on mine, and as far as I am aware 8 on my old asus board.

    It is likely that the board can't hold the core volts up high and stable enough to keep your OC goal in check.
  9. GA-EP45-UD3p is nice and should easily get you to 3.2 or better.

    Do you have an after market cooler ?
  10. ^^ I think you are pushing hopes high with little substance. CPU's are not all identical. He could have a crappy OCer.... it happens.

    Also I agree about the board. I did some further research here:

    Says board is a good OCer. So it comes down to Voltages and cooling and CPU variability.
  11. Is it a G0 stepping? Check with CPU-Z

    there was a previous stepping model with higher TDP and poorer OC ability.
  12. americanbrian said:
    ^^ I think you are pushing hopes high with little substance. CPU's are not all identical. He could have a crappy OCer.... it happens.

    Also I agree about the board. I did some further research here:

    Says board is a good OCer. So it comes down to Voltages and cooling and CPU variability.

    All revisions of the q6600 are good overclockers it is just a matter of how far.
    I was able to get my G0 up to 3.2 on a Gigabyte g31 es2l and that is maybe half the board the poster has


    try this
    Unlink fsb and pcie
    set pcie frequency to 100
    FSB 333 x9
    Ram running 1:1 667 mhz keep the perfromance mode on standard
    voltage 1.3675 cpu or 1.37 depending on voltage controls then lower voltage from here if possible
    Leave the mainboard voltage alone there is no need to adjust anything on such a low OC

    This SHOULD at least allow you to post @ 3.0ghz to get feel for what you are doing

    then please read this carefully it worked for me.
  13. LOL,

    I couldn't get near 3.0 until I go to 1.42V minimum (on my old asus board). It is heavily dependant on the VID of the chip.

    as for B3 stepping q6600 OC's how about read these and tell me again with a straight face....:

    Lots of folk have had problems getting B3's past 2.9ghz...
  14. This guy

    Garbage 680i chipset

    this guy not running 1:1 using ddr3 and also has the ram timing way to tight for a good overclock

    Easy to spot issues holding them back.
  15. my 3.4Ghz was on a 750i (P5N-D).... is the 680i really that bad??? I never owned one.

    I used unlinked for my OC and didn't have issues.... but fair enough. I really do hope this guy makes his goal. But I have had to settle for 2.9 with my Gigabyte board. It isn't that terrible.

    Soon time for an upgrade to SB probably... I don't fancy opening up an IB cpu to scrape their inferior TIM out.
  16. if I had the money
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