Want to buy new mobo, but ddr2 or ddr3?

I have ddr2 800 (4GB).
I want to upgrade mobo (and cpu) but do I stay with ddr2 mobo or jump wagon to ddr3 mobo?

I read 2007-09 articles and they say ddr3 is not much faster/better than ddr2.


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  1. If you're upgrading both the motherboard and the CPU, then it makes sense to go to DDR3.
  2. well, what mobo and cpu do you currently have? as you may not have to upgrade the mobo

    but if you do, might as well get a DDR3 board, right now it might not be a performance increase but if you need more DDR2 down the line, it might be very expensive (look at the prices of DDR)
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