Video card reccomendation needed

I own a home built pc that contains the following:

Gigbyte GA-MA785GM-US2H Am3/AM2
Amd Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0 Socket AM3 65W
Antec 550W power supply
EVGA GeForce 7950GT 512MB Vram
Windows XP Pro

I'm looking to upgrade my video card but really have no idea what to buy, I'm also limited in budget to around 100 bucks shiped to my door. If someone here could help make some reccomendations as to what I could buy for my budget that would be better than what I now have I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. 9800GT or HD4770
  2. Radeon HD4830 or 9800GT.
  3. I'd spend the $10 more for a GTS 250. Or wait for this(or a similarly priced one) to be in stock;
  4. 100c is very high, it sounds like you got a bad card.
  5. Agree that zip got a bad card... the 9800 is not a hot-running card.

    The 9800GT would be a great buy for you at only $79 after MIR on newegg. Or you could spend $110 for a GTS 250 which uses the same G92 architecture, but is a little bit faster.

    I'm guessing you would be happy with the 9800GT however, as its still a pretty big jump from a 7 series. This is a good price for performance deal, as I dont think the GTS 250 is really $30 faster. By spending less you can always upgrade again sooner if you feel you need to.

    I wouldn't recommend switching to ATI at this point. You already have Nvidia drivers installed, and frankly at this price point Nvidia cards are more than competitive. I would only consider ATI if you were looking in the under $70 or $130+ price ranges.
  6. The GTS 250 is about 25% faster than a normal 9800GT and slightly more in comparison with the newer low power version with the slower stock speed. It's worth the extra money if you have it.
    I don't think having to change drivers should be a real consideration for anyone when picking out a new card. Even without switching video cards the process is the same as upgrading drivers which should be done fairly frequently. An HD4770 would be a good choice, especially if your PSU is a bit sketchy.
  7. He has an Antec 550. Thats much more than enough to power any card in this price range.

    If you decide to go the higher-priced route know that a GTS 250 and 9800 GTX (this is the model what was above the 9800GT) are almost the same card--the GTS is a newer model of it.

    The 4770 would be competitive if it were $99 or less--but at $115+ its just not. If you spend more than $100 you should just get a GTS 250.
  8. Anyoe have a newegg link to which card would be my best bet? Sorry, I tried going there and finding the cards but didn't end up finding the ones you guys listed. Sorry for being such a pain but I just want to make sure I buy the right one for my needs. Thanks a ton for all your help, I really appreciate it.
  9. List of all 9800GTs on newegg:

    Personally I would go for the ASUS one thats $79 after MIR

    Slightly over your budget you could consider the GTS250.

    Within these lists be certain to look over the user ratings--as some are probably better, and also keep in mind the ones with free shipping--that will knock down your total price a few dollars.
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