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I need help!!!My problem also involve 6 Pin PCI Express cable but not coming from inside the Power Supply.I need 2.I got gtx 260 and 6 pin cable with g.card.I don`t have money to buy new power supply.So, my brother came to idea to buy 6 pin conector and let say to mix up with cables inside supply,as I understand him, he want from one unused to conect with 6 pin.Something like that.Is this really posible?Is g.card going to work?consequence?tnx.And supply 500w.tnx again!
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  1. Whats the make and model of the PSU? There are adapters that take 2 molex cables(4 pin) and turn them into a 6 pin PCI-E connector but in general, if your PSU doesnt have enough cables it likely doesnt have enough juice either.
  2. yea, he wants to buy that.(2x)
    A,very cheap cpu-frontier.I don`t have specification.So, you think this is impossible mision???
  3. Most GTX260's come with at least one adapter. Many come with two. But the PSU does need to be powerful enough to support them.
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