How much and how to overclock my nvidia geforce 8400gs gpu

Hey i don't know much about overclocking i tried once bt it didn't work i just downloaded a system tool from nvidia site then tried overclocking bt didn't work :(
can someone please tell me how much and how to correctly overclock my nvidia geforce 8400gs 1 gb ddr3 gpu whose original specs are-
Core clock - 589 mhz
memory clock - 500 mhz
shader clock - 1402 mhz
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  1. someone please reply :cry:
  2. No idea about how much to, but I am using nTune, downloaded from nVidia. There are sliders that you can adjust your clock speeds with, but don't over do it. Just take it up 5 MHz at a time and run a performance test and check the temperatures using CPU-Z and GPU-Z.
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