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Help have just put 2gether my first pc "BUT" power is getting through as all fan's are spining and light's on but my screen comes up with no video output but i know it's not the screen because it's fine with my old pc??? so cant see bios or any thing,My 24 pin main power lead is in two picece's one of twenty pin's and one of 4pin's do i need to put both in aswell?
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  1. Well it is recommended that if your PSU has 20+4 or 24 pin and mobo is 24 then slot all 24 pins in Did you check if your GPU has all its PCIe socket/s securely connected from PSU? Resit GPU/RAMs if u have to
  2. Hmm did you also check if the 4/8-pin ATX 12V Power connector is secured as well?
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