Overclock on E7500

Hi guys, I'd like some help here on overclocking my E7500.

I've recently bought an HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 (my poor 8600 GTS 256MB GDDR3 couldn't handle new games anymore, even at the lowest settings). Yeah, I know, low-end card, but I play at 1024x768, and I don't care that much about visual quality.

The problem is that when I tried to run some games and test my new card's performance, I found that my CPU is, somehow, bottlenecking it.

The worst case so far is on Battlefield 3, where I first tested it on 1024x768 and medium settings (textures and effects high, 2xMSAA, 4xAF and HBAO) and my framerate wasn't good. I checked CPU and GPU usage on BF3 multiplayer and I found that while my CPU usage was on 100%, my GPU usage was about only 50-60%. I tried to overclock my E7500 from 2.93GHz to 3.30GHz, and then to 3.60GHz, but there wasn't a real difference.

Now I'm running it @3.60GHz (I've set my 800MHz memories to 667MHz, and with the OC it's running at 820MHz), and while I can play the BF3 Campaign at 1024x768, all settings maxed out, and get ~40FPS on Operation Swordbreaker (and get 90-95% GPU usage, 100% CPU usage), on multiplayer it doesn't really matter what settings I play at, I never get a good framerate (64 players, big maps, 20-30 FPS on maxed out settings, 70-80% GPU usage, 25-35 FPS lowest settings, 1024x768, ~50% GPU usage, but always 100% CPU usage).

I'd like to know if I can push my OC a bit more and how to proceed with it (FSB, RAM frequency and latency, VCORE, etc) or if I should leave it like that.

Here are my temps after playing Operation Swordbreaker on all maxed out settings, 1024x768 (TMPIN2 = CPU):

My specs:

Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L
C2D E7500 2.93@3.60GHz
2x2GB DDR2 800@820MHz
Sapphire HD 7750 1GB GDDR5
Seventeam 350W

EDIT: I forgot to say that I play on Windows 7 Professional x64.
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  1. The main problem here is that BF3 likes more cores. A Sandy Bridge dual core can run it decently but it is a much more efficient CPU than your Wolfdale. You could try overclocking it further since Wolfdale's tend to reach at least 4Ghz but it probably won't solve your problem
  2. Would it be safe to try reaching 4GHz with my current PSU (Seventeam 350W)?
    Also, what would be the maximum safe temps for both the CPU and its cores?
  3. Well you've already reached 3.6ghz so I think it can go to 4.0ghz on that PSU. However depending on available cash I won't risk it. Temperatures should not go past 70º or 80º when stress testing
  4. Ok, so I guess I'll just leave it like that. Thank you very much.
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