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I've been wanting to get into SLI gaming for a while now but on a budget. I know the socket 775 is getting long in the tooth but my Q9300 Duo Core Quad still has some miles left on it and I've been looking at a new case and a SLI motherboard with thoughts of transferring my processor and other still serviceable parts to a new case. I've been looking at the Cooler master HAF 922 or 932 cases mated with either a Nvidia 790i Ultra or a 780i motherboard. I'd prefer the 790i because it supports DDR3 but the 780i of course is cheaper and I could use the ram I already have. I'm currently using a Geforce 9600 GSO so naturally that has to go in place of probably a pair of Geforce GTX 260's. I have a BFG 650w PSU but it mounts in the top of the case. Could I still use this and mount it at the bottom of the case even though it's the type that vents front to back?

So the big question is whether to spring the extra on the 790i ultra or go with the 780i for almost half the price?
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    Newegg has the asus P5N-D for under $100 that will run your old ddr2 and give you sli support. I wouldn't upgrade to ddr3 for socket 775; it's not optimised for it; not worth changing yet, unless you sell your old ram first. You can still use your BFG ps in a bottom mount case, but you may want to upgrade that if you use 2 video cards in sli.
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