Which graphics adapter is better?

Over the weekend I picked up an HP p6240f Quad-core. It has onboard graphics adapter. I have an older Dell Optiplex GX with an Nvidia 6600GT card in it that I'm debating moving over because my Windows 7 graphics score is so low, tell me if it's worth it. I plan to go with a CUDA enabled Nvidia card eventually, but my 300w power supply is holding me back right now.

Onboard adapter:
Intel G45/G43 Express chipset
Memory size 32mb
Core Clock 533mhz

Old card:
Nvidia 6600GT
Memory 256mb GDDR3
Core clock 500mhz
PCI-E x16

Primary use: video editing
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    The 6600GT will be better.
  2. Thank you, I suspected that but wanted to check since the card is 2-3 yrs old and new technology is always out...
  3. I have also a Dell Optiplex GX270, tower type. I was using an X1650XT on this machine, before I upgraded to HD3650, with same power supply.

    I was also considering the HD4650, but not now... I believe this should work with your setup.
  4. A 6600GT should still be fine for all non-gaming purposes. Definitely better than your IGP.
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